Friday, November 2, 2007

Delegate or Inspire?

The premise of this article is not groundbreaking -- women are wrapped in a contradictory tangle of expectations in and out of the home -- but what I found interesting in this article is that the most desired qualities in a leader vary by country. More than a critique of feminism, this is a look into leadership, man or woman.

The New York Times writes, "Respondents in the United States and England, for instance, listed “inspiring others” as a most important leadership quality, and then rated women as less adept at this than men. In Nordic countries, women were seen as perfectly inspirational, but it was “delegating” that was of higher value there, and women were not seen as good delegators."


jammer said...

i definately just went to post this same article before i saw that you posted it.

CYW said...

People who read the New York Times are supercool.

MSU Women's Council said...

i read it too! and I thought it was definitely interesting how different leadership qualities are valued in different countries, and especially telling that women are consistently rated as lacking those specific qualities.

Erin said...

ok so I didn't have anywhere else to post this on the blog but I wanted to share the info:

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be well! Erin