Sunday, December 9, 2007



why not!

It's finals week and who doesn't need an excuse to procrastinate?

I thought I would post these feminist blogs for you to peruse ... they're personal favorites ... feel free to reply with your own recommendations!

and this:

violet blue is a sex positive bad ass.

she posts great stuff, like her opensourcesex podcasts .... she reads erotica or discusses alternative sex-ed topics (like tips for using a strap-on on your boyfriend, things to consider when contemplating a threesome, how to get yourself off in bed no matter what, foods that have the same pH as your cunt, and random things that you didn't know existed)

you can download them here and listen to them on your MP3 player .... I like to listen to them when I'm doing chores or driving. anyway, she's fabulous and sex positive and you can see for yourself here:

enjoy your feminism, fucks, and finals ....!