Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Music is not a mirror to reflect reality. It's a hammer, with which we shape it!

Hello Feminists :)

I hope that preparations for final exams are being productive and time worthy! In the midst of all the studying, I hope that everyone is beginning to think about all the new and exciting opportunities that are coming up in the next semester. I know that I've been thinking quite a bit about some opportunities on campus and in the state of Michigan that I'm going to be taking advantage of.

Anyway, in the midst of all my studies I was able to discover and listen to an Israeli/Palestinian, Ann Arbor/Ypsi - ite rapper from Detroit. Yes, SHE identifies with all of those locations. She has been living in Detroit, rapping about a whole slew of social oppression issues that are taking place within Detroit, and throughout our totalizing society. Her name is Invincible. In June, she came out with an album titled "Invincible Shapeshifters" On this album, she has raps about everything from the "locusts" of Detroit and America the Beautiful (as her lover, listen to "Spacious Skies") to the Palestinian search for a just peace (I recommend "People, Not Places").
Invincible is a profoundly talented artist with a passion for community activism, specifically in the reurbanization of Detroit. Her lyrics are political, social and just plain RAW. And more importantly, they hit close to home...with the political and social oppression taking place right here in Michigan.

I hope that anyone who reads this takes a minute to listen to one of her songs. I will post a link to one of her songs in mp3 format and a youtube video with her own new music video of "Sledgehammer"