Sunday, October 21, 2007

Feminism is good for your sex life--duh.

So, a WC member alerted me to this random article, the author of which sounds a little surprised that feminism makes for healthier relationships and more sexual satisfaction. (Check out the article--I posted it under news--to see for yourself what feminism can do for you.)
Apparently someone actually conducted a study- so now no one can question whether equality of power in relationships actually makes them more fun to be in, or whether your girlfriend would be happier if she wore an apron and stayed in the kitchen all day.
Gender roles suck, is basically the point, and the more a relationship avoids expecting or enforcing these stereotypes and prescribed behaviors, the more time everyone has for really getting to know each other as individuals and the easier it is to share equally and trust each other.
Apparently scientists are still stumped: "While they aren't sure how feminism works to enhance relationship health, the researchers have some ideas."
Let's see--how does feminism enhance your relationships?

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