Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Too Far

So I was in my dorm's cafeteria today, sitting at a table with two of my male friends, and two of my female friends. Someone was telling a story about an old man in Florida who had called Hillary Clinton a "dyke."

After we chuckled and shook our heads, I said, "I hope that guy dies before the election." I figured my friends would be with me on it, knowing that I'm not serious (I say stuff like that a lot; it's kind of a bad habit).

I was naive. They were almost as incensed that I had wished such a fate on a stranger as they were incensed that I had a problem with the word "dyke." There was some blah blahing about free speech, me trying to convince them that I didn't really want the guy to die, some assumptions that I wanted to censor the word "dyke," some of the other garbage that unfolds when people righteously defend themselves from the Feminazis' Political Correctness, and a friend telling me that I'd taken the feminism thing too far.

Really, now. Calling a woman "dyke" is okay?

My cafeteria table wasn't exactly a scientific survey, but man, do we have a long way to go.

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Dirty Socks said...

actually, this doesn't surprise me. What does though, is also the thrown around use of the word cunt and usually in the same sentence as the name Hillary Clinton. My question is..how come sexism is the new racism? We wouldn't dare to call Barack Obama the shamed "N" word. But it's still ok to call women stupid cunts. Well, you're right...sexism is the new racism and we do have a long way to go.